1400 Calorie Diet Plan For Effective Weight Loss And Health Control

Considering a diet plan is essential but it needs serious attention before you are drawing a plan for yourself. Every plan needs to be customized and tailored-fit to the requirements of the individual, which gives daily requirements and calorie needs to work throughout the day.

A familiar dietitian, a registered healthcare provider, or a professional nutritionist can help you develop a 1400 calorie weight loss plan helpful in weight loss. Despite your planned diet goal, a scheduled diet plan helps track your wellness and health conditions. A good diet plan helps control extra fat from the body while at the same time providing essential nutrients to the body, so your body can functionally work well.

1400 calorie weight loss plan is a diet plan which consists of all the necessary vitamins, nutrients, fibers, and minerals supplied to the body to fulfill energy levels. It helps destroy the absorbed fat cells from the body resulting healthy and fit body.

1400 calorie meal plan

Why Nutrition Is Important To 1400 Calorie Diet Plan

If you have planned to lose weight by adopting a certain diet plan, then you may consider the effective 1400 calorie diet plan, which works aggressively to reduce your extra weight from the belly. 1400 calorie diet plan balanced providing essential proteins, and vitamins to the body while burning excessive fat from the body rapidly.

Considering each meal to be handled to serve the body with 300-400 calories, it can be frequently divided into 4 equal parts where snacks would consume pretty less calories. The level of hunger can easily state if there is an imbalance with your 1400 diet plan. You may seek help if you find difficulties or health symptoms.


Breakfast Cooked oatmeal with one-full mashed banana and honey to taste
Snacks A washed sliced apple
Lunch 1 cup of brown rice, cooked veggies, served alongside salads
Dinner Chicken soup, a cup of cooked vegetables of your choice, ½ cup of yogurt


Breakfast A cup of green tea with boiled veggies sprinkled with pepper
Snacks 1 orange
Lunch A cup of brown rice, salad served with cheese cubes gravy
Dinner Spinach and mushrooms well cooked, stir-fried with 1 tortilla and salads
1400 calorie diet weight loss plan


Breakfast A cup of black coffee with fruit salad
Snacks Carrot sticks with hummus
Lunch A bowl of brown rice, cooked veggies served with salads
Dinner Veggie soup, cooked rice, veg curry with 1 tortilla


Breakfast A cup of green tea served with whole wheat bread and a cup of fat-free milk
Snacks 1 sliced apple sprinkled with pepper
Lunch Roasted pork with a cup of brown rice and salads
Dinner Veg gravy with sliced cucumber and salads


Breakfast Scrambled egg white, toast, and veggies salad
Snacks One pear
Lunch Brown rice, salad, and veg gravy
Dinner Brown rice, salad, and roasted chicken gravy
1400 calorie weight loss diet plan


Breakfast Egg white omelet cooked in olive oil served alongside black coffee
Snacks Half a cup of cherries
Lunch Brown rice, salad, and beef
Dinner Brown rice served with veg gravy


Breakfast Green tea with a bowl of cooked veggies and a banana smoothie
Snacks An apple
Lunch A bowl of mixed salad, 2 tortillas with veg gravy
Dinner A cup of roasted chicken, mushroom soup, and fat and sugar-free desserts

Top-Notch Reasons To Follow 1400 Calorie Diet Plan

There are many good reasons to employ a 1400 calorie diet plan to lose weight and maintain the charm of your body. It is one of the most important diet plans considered for weight loss. Let’s go through them one by one:

1400 caloire weight loss plan

A. Weight Loss

It is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest threats to the locals in the United States. More and more people are getting obese, but few are in early childhood facing the obesity challenge. The heavy dosage of fast foods, junk foods, and oily foods increases the extra fat in the body in the form of cells.

These cells are not easily removable unless it is burned through a process and weight loss is an effective process resulting in removal of extra fat from the body. Weight loss is a natural process, in which the user is given full nutrition that helps perform daily tasks while the consumption of fewer calories helps burn the extra fat from the body.

B. Provision Of Balanced Nutrition

A balanced diet is an important aspect to perform daily tasks with the same aggression as usual. Following a 1400 calorie diet plan is the one way to offer users a balanced meal rich in nutrients and vitamins. It gives full flair to the body so the body shall not feel less energetic during workout or at the job.

The provision of supplying balanced nutrition adds all the minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and fiber to the body which helps maintain the functioning of the body. The diet meal is a combination of nutritious rich food and avoiding any fat or sugar-containing food.

1400 caloire diet plan

C. Improve Health

The 1400 calorie diet plan is considered to be the best diet plan for weight loss. There are other diet plans available that help improve health and lower weight but they are not fulfilling to deliver the essential nutrition to the body.

Other plans are a 1200 calorie diet plan, 1500 calorie diet plan for weight loss, and a weight plan that helps improve health while lowering weight at the same time. It provides essential nutrition to the body which is knowingly added by the dietitian.

D. Sustainable Diet

The 1400 calorie diet plan is focused on the intake of minimum processed or heavy processed food. Instead of that, a dietitian prepares a healthy diet chart that includes foods that are healthy to eat and provide a higher level of nutrition to the body and transfers no fat cells. It improves sustainable eating habits and is helpful to maintain fitness and a healthy body.

Wrapping Up

Different diet plans are subject to differentiation from one person to another depending upon their daily workout, calorie consumption, and nature of the exercises performed. The 1400 calorie diet plan is much better compared to the 1200 calorie diet and 1500 calorie diet plans because it maintains fitness and removes the stored fat cells.

You may choose a diet plan wisely by consulting your dietitian, or physician, or getting help from a personal trainer. Following a diet plan for a longer period helps attain healthy food habits, which gives plenty of natural health benefits to the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone follow the 1400 calorie diet plan?

Ans: No, the diet plan is prepared in the context of age, gender, weight, and energy requirements. Consultation with a registered dietitian or a professional would help you find a better plan for you.

2. Is modification possible with the 1400 calorie diet plan?

Ans: Yes, You may discuss this with your dietitian, and it will help you include certain food of your choice.

3. How much weight should I expect to lose with a 1400 calorie diet plan?

Ans: Accurate results may vary depending on your weight, age, height, and other numerous factors. However, roughly 1-2 lbs per week is the average weight loss noticed in the statistics.