A Guaranteed Lose Weight Program With 1200 Calorie Plan

Nothing comes up as a guarantee when it comes to losing weight in a sustainable process. Intaking proteins, slicing down carbohydrates, and working on an effective weight loss program can help you lose weight surprisingly in a few weeks.

The safest method to provide nutritional requirements and maintain weight loss can be achieved through 1200 calorie plan. Gaining weight, again, is relatively common among a few methods while a steady 1200 calorie diet plan makes your appetite satisfied and continuously provides the required nutrition to maintain your health.

A sustainable lose weight program requires a safe method, which helps to lose 2-3 pounds of weight. Continuous efforts and a diet plan in order to maintain the body while losing weight won’t affect your health.

What Is a 1200 Calorie Plan?

The dieting plan doesn’t guarantee quick weight loss unless an effective plan is associated to catalyze it. There could be many restrictions and limitations over one’s diet. An overall weight loss plan may suggest some serious fallback of nutrients resulting unhealthy body or some serious illness eventually.

It becomes essential here, 1200 calorie plan works as a base, which is designed to serve you more veggies, leafy vegetables, and fruits. Additionally, scoring to maintain the healthy body requirements of nutrients, proteins, and minerals can be fulfilled with the other suggested guide by the diet planning advisor.

Other diet plan co-exists like the 1300 calorie plan, 1400 calorie diet plan, and 1500 diet plan. However, 1200 calorie diet plan sounds more sturdy because it’s been the mouth of the word on social channels. We’re going to suggest you a working yet guarantee weight loss 1200 calorie diet plan.

A working diet plan is essential to lose weight in the most effective yet quickest way possible. Lose weight program is helpful in giving you a sustainable solution to keep your body healthy and fit.

Day 1

diet meal plan


Pour a small glass of milk into a bowl. Combines well with a banana and ¾ cup of flakes. Mix well and serve.

meal plan diet


Make pita sandwich by adding 3 oz of turkey breasts, ground mustard, 1 tbsp of mayo sauce, and pepper in a whole wheat pita. Garnish with lettuce leaves and toppings with skimmed milk and mozzarella cheese. Serve!

diet plan meal


Take a bowl and add 4 oz flounder with finely chopped tomatoes. Sprinkle grated parmesan cheese gently over the middle and corners. Broiled fry until it turns translucent or golden brown in color. Add green veggies like broccoli and couscous. Serve hot with your favorite dessert!

Day 2

1200 calorie diet meal plan


Take ¾ cup of chilled berries, sliced banana, 8 oz fat-free milk, and one boiled egg. Place this into a blender. Serve!

1200 calorie diet plan


Take a veggie burger, sliced it in half with an English muffin, and add a fresh cup of juicy grapes. Mix it well in veggies soup and serve!

1200 calorie meal plan


Take 4 oz of chicken breasts and brush it gently with bbq sauce and grill until turns light brown in color. Add finely chopped scallions over chicken and add a tbsp of lime juice. Take a bow and combine chopped spinach with thinly sliced garlic, toppings with finely chopped tomatoes. Add one tbsp of olive oil with baked baby potatoes. Serve hot!

Day 3

1200 calorie meal plans


Take a bowl and add ⅔ cup of oats with low-fat milk. Sliced it with green apples and toppings with honey and pepper. Use a microwave to cook.

1200 calorie plan


Use 4 oz of roasted chicken to mix with grapes, a handful of celery, almonds, nuts, yogurt, 1 tbsp of mayo sauce, and use toast. Mix it well and garnish with lettuce and serve!

1200 calorie diet meal


Take baked potatoes in a bowl and add 1 tbsp of yogurt, 2 cups of chopped spinach steam cook, and serve hot. Never mind adding 100 calories to your favorite ice cream.

Day 4

weight loss plan


Make yogurt with 1/3 cup of sugar, add berries, and serve this delectable yogurt.

weight loss diet


Use one pita to prepare a sandwich. Add 3 oz of roasted beef, a pinch of ground mustard, and finely chopped tomatoes, and garnish it with chopped lettuce. Add tomato soup and boiled veggies to this dish.



Take 4 oz of sliced salmon, and mix it with 1 cup of coleslaw, 1 tbsp of vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and add chopped scallions. Sprinkle pepper, lime juice, herbs, and your favorite seasonings.

Day 5

1200 calories plan


Use cherries, berries, a handful of almonds or nuts, and 5 oz of yogurt in a serving bowl. Combine it well and serve!

meal plan 1200 calorie


Use a tortilla and a handful of fried beans, toppings with shredded cheese, salsa, and another tortilla. Put it in the oven and grill it until it cooks. Garnish with sliced cucumber and cottage cheese.

lose weight diet plan


Use 3 oz of roasted pork with mashed squash, garnish it well with a pinch of cinnamon, 2 cups of green salads, olive oil, and vinegar as required. Serve it with 150 calories of ice cream.

Day 6

weight loss 1200 calorie plan


Use a whole-wheat grain waffle, and spread butter as toppings. Add sliced bananas with cinnamon, and nutmeg. Serve this along with 8 oz fat-free milk.

receipes for weight loss meal


Use a whole-wheat pita, add 2 oz of tuna, 1 tbsp of mayo sauce, ground mustard, sliced onions, and cucumber. Serve this along with unsweetened yogurt.

1200 calorie meal plan recipe


Let’s make jambalaya using ¾ cooked rice, a handful of corn, 2 oz of baked turkey, salsa, and add beans at the end. Combine everything well and add 1 tbsp of olive oil and garnish it with chopped spinach.

Day 7

1200 calorie diet plans


Use sliced cheese with English muffins, chopped tomatoes, spinach, and parsley. Eggs are optional. Serve with ½ cup of fresh fruits.

diet plan 1200 calorie


Take a bowl and add ½ cup of black beans, sliced oranges, finely chopped bell peppers, onions, and veggies of your choice. Add 1 tbsp of vinegar to the bowl. Serve this with a green leafy salad. You may add tortillas or fruits to this dish.

diet plan 1200 calories


Use green flank steak with potatoes with 1 tbsp of butter added with steam-cooked zucchini and 1 cup of berries.

Ending Notes

Many misconceptions state that the 1200-calorie diet plan is considered to be the hardest one but in reality, it is not. It fulfills the body's daily nutrition needs and shows results quickly and effectively.

Many people who have been suffering from obesity have overcome using this simple diet plan. 1200 calorie diet plan takes care of your nutrition requirements and at the same time, it helps reduce the fat from your body due to low-calorie intake.

1200 calorie diet plan is widely used and adopted by many dietitians. This plan may continue on breaks but if you’re suffering from obesity for a long period of time, follow it as regular. A dietitian's guide is essential and formal body checkups should be considered before you step into this diet plan.


1. Are there any side effects of following 1200 calorie diet plan for weight loss?

Ans: No, there are no side effects. Following guidelines would fulfill the nutrients required for the body.

2. How to check the progress of the recommended 1200 calorie diet plan?

Ans: Keep weighing yourself frequently and keep a note to check your progress. It gives you a fair idea.

3. What are the other activities helpful to lose weight fast?

Ans: Drinking enough water before every meal, exercising regularly, following a bedtime routine, and taking the recommended diet plan can regulate weight loss effectively.