Flat Tummy Exercises At Home For Beginners

A well-toned stomach is a dream for anyone who is a teenager. Once we turn adult, our body starts gaining fat due to the bad food consumption rate going higher at this age. A busy schedule and less care for your health can bring you many issues and belly fat is one of them, resulting in a bad tummy.

Once we develop a fat belly, it is harder to wear some cool dresses, because, at the end of the day, we finish off with loose clothes as it may reduce the appearance of our fat tummy. Following a balanced diet, routine health maintenance, and exercising daily can help you overcome and give you a flat stomach back again.

Flat tummy exercises are helpful for people fighting obesity or fat belly issues. You need to follow up a certain routine and food plan, which is curated to deliver efficient results to get you a flat stomach. In this blog post, we're putting up the exercises that can help you strengthen your muscles, weight loss, and a completely flat stomach as you desire.

6 Tailor-Made Exercises For You

We're going to discuss the best 6 exercises, which have shown significant results in making your stomach flat quickly. All the exercises are different from one another and have different methods to execute and different results to gain. Let's get into the details one by one.

The plank flat stomach excercise

1. The Plank

Wide open your arms and place your forearms on the floor while lying down with your stomach on the ground. Push yourself up using your forearm pressure and give support using your toe. Make sure that your back, neck, and head form a straight line.


This flat stomach exercise is beneficial in many ways like it strengthens the muscles and abdomen surprisingly. This exercise helps burn more absorbed fat from the body in comparison to any other exercise that is even harder to perform. This exercise helps engage your muscles, arms, and legs.

Boat pose flat tummy exercise

2. Boat Pose

Bend your knees and sit down on the ground, lean back, and straighten your legs until it forms a "V" shape to your full body. Arms should be wide open and parallel equalizing the scenario. Palms should be open inwardly and make sure your stomach is not getting any pressure and it is in a relaxed posture, which is important to perform this exercise.


Performing this exercise regularly would help you flatten your stomach in no time, the abundance of this exercise helps strengthen your balancing and core muscles. If you evolve this boat pose exercise it can help you with rapid growth in lowering the tummy fat.

Mountain climbers flat tummy exercise

3. Mountain Climbers

Widen your shoulders and open your both hands on the floor like you're finishing a push-up exercise. Place your right leg upward and your left leg on the back.

Put yourself on the toe during the entire exercise, alternate your legs forward and backward one by one with the legs, and perform this as many times as you can. Keep your upper portion of the body constant during this exercise.


You can make this exercise even harder to burn more belly fat quickly. Boost the speed to perform this exercise and try to finish each one quickly. An extra height and engagement of your core is another vital aspect of that.

Medicine ball slam flat stomach

4. Medicine Ball Slam

Take a medicine ball that doesn't bounce and is hard. Raise the ball using your hands and take it to the head and put your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, put the ball down slowly and place it on the floor. Try to perform the entire exercise in a rhythm, so you won't suffer while picking the ball up.


It is a completely healthy and body-oriented exercise that puts your entire body in movement while you maintain the posture in a constant state. It gives you strength and core development to flatten your stomach.

Bicycle crunch flat stomach

5. Bicycle Crunch

Get yourself lying on the ground with the back-facing ground posture on ground posture. Make a 90-degree angle with your palms beneath your head and lift your both legs to form that angle. Place the right hand on the head and bring the right elbow to the knees. Now, put your left elbow to the right knee and repeat this as many times as you can.


Make sure that you perform this action in a slow and steady position and during all steps move your position slowly. Research has proven that this exercise can help you gain major abdominal muscles. It helps bring you a flat stomach quickly.

Skipping flat stomach

6. Skipping

Incorporating some of the best cardiovascular exercises can help you get a flat stomach with abs exercises. To perform this skipping exercise, you need to jump using your toe and skip the rope every time it passes through your legs.

Make sure you avoid touching the floor using the heels and jump a few centimeters up from the rope. Use your wrists to move the rope circularly within your entire body.


If you find this rope event harder, you may try some alternative cardiovascular exercises like running, walking, swimming, etc., a well-performing where the body is in a constant position and the entire body is in movement will give you enough relief with your stomach. This exercise helps lose weight, maintain your physical health, tone your stomach, and help develop abs.

Keys Takeaway

This routine exercise plan has great potential, these curated 6 exercises can help you not only get a flat stomach but will also help for muscle growth, weight loss, improve vision, and even skin tone to give you a stunning personality. Evolving these exercises will be beneficial for you in the long run.

But people who are only concentrated on belly fat or a flat stomach may try this for a month or two regularly to see effective results. Keep tune in to our blog, help us deliver you better by suggestions and advices through your comments. Our team appreciate your time and efforts in advance!