6 Gym Exercises Help With Lower Back Pain

People often misunderstand lower back pain with old-age difficulty but this is not the fact. If you take a glance at the 3-month recent survey conducted by the government, it has warning signals. The report says 80% of the US citizens are affected badly with lower back pain. Understanding the conscience, we've given the strategic guidelines below on how to lower back pain and effective preventive methods that can help you live a healthy life.

US Adults & Lower Back Pain

A recently surveyed report stated that one-fourth of US adults are facing serious issues with their lower back pain. The national survey performed on the US citizen's health statistics data represents 80% of US adults are facing difficulties with their lower back pain in one way or another.

There are several reasons behind the lower back pain issue, which relatively seeks higher attention or it may drag into health issues. People who are grown up have more chances to develop lower back pain injuries. Advancing aging is one of the highest numbers of percentages where people have developed lower back pain injuries and if not cured properly, it often leads to serious difficulties.

Supine Bridge For Lower Back Pain

1. Supine Bridge

Rest on the ground with the back on the floor, and stretch your legs to find your original length. Slide your legs using your knees to form a 45-degree angle with the legs. Strengthen your abdominals and pull your belly up in the sky with the help of hands on the ground forcing you in the opposite direction. Hold in the same position for a few seconds then rest it on the ground. Repeat this for 10 reps.

Expert Tip

You can use a pillow to keep it behind your knees while you push forward with your feet. It will help your body to reduce the extra effort to put into using the feet.

Bird Dog Exercises For Lower Back Pain

2. Bird Dog

Lie down on the floor with your stomach on the ground. Lie down in a posture straight stretching your entire body. Raise yourself using your left forefront palm on the ground and right leg controlling the balance of the body. Keep the eyes in the line with your left arm pointing head straight. Hold on to this position for a minimum of 10 seconds, then return back to the initial stage and do the same using your right arms and left legs. Perform this lower back pain exercise for 10 reps.

Expert advice

If you have trouble facing the hard floor, you can replace the ground with a bed or alternatively you may use some cuisines under your body.

Cat Camel Exercises For Lower Back Pain

3. Cat-Camel

Lie down on the ground with the stomach's front face. Slide upwards yourself using your arms and feet and form a camel shape using the above image. Tuck your chin watching right over your stomach then move it over the ceiling. Hold on for a while in this same position, then relax your back and return to the initial position. Do perform these reps 10 times. 

Expert Advice

You can perform this exercise using a bed where you can lean forward to your bed or a couch to finish it.

Child's Pose For Lower Back Pain Exercises

4. Child's Pose

Force your butts on the back over the heels and place yourself on the hands and the knees. Maintain balance using your upper body and stretch your arms on the ground. Keep your head on the floor while stretching your hands above. Hold on to this position for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat it many times.

Expert Advice

Develop a half-knee bent position using your arms and replace the ground with a bed or couches for a comfortable finish to this exercise.

Double Knee To Chest Stretch For Lower Back Pain

5. Knee To Chest Stretch

Lie down on the floor with the back on the front. Rest in this position, then up your both knees on height and use your both hands to pick the legs so you can hold onto this position for a long time. Stay in this same position for a while then move back to the initial position. Repeat this exercise for a few times or until you feel comfortable.

Expert Advice

Pull one knee at a time and hold it using one hand, then do this with the other leg and hold using your other hand to your other knee. For some reason, if you have difficulties pushing your knees in front then you can use a pillow to comfort this exercise.

Supine Twist Exercises Lower Back Pain.jpg

6. Supine Twist

Lie down on the ground with your back on the front and you must be in a knee bent position while keeping your legs straight. Slowly rotate your legs to the right portion of the body. Roll it gently and hold on this position for a few seconds then go back to the starting position and repeat this same posture on the other side. Return back to the same position after holding on to the same position. Repeat this as many times as you can.

Expert Advice

You can lower your knees to half the portion if it hurts or you find it hard. Lowering the knees half down is also a good method.

FAQs: How To Prevent Lower Back Pain

Unlike regular health issues, lower back pain only affects adults in the United States. A drastic growth rate has warned healthcare institutions and healthcare experts to take it seriously. Lower back pains are of many types, while some are one-time fixes and some are reoccurring back, which can be prevented with a formulated treatment. We can still use some preventive care for lower back pain. Develop a physical habit that prevents lower back pain from coming near you.

  • Develop a habit to exercise regularly and keep your bones and muscles stronger.
  • Maintain a healthy weight for your body.
  • Plan a diet routine that fulfills your daily requirements of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D.
  • Always wear light clothes and low-heeled shoes.
  • If you're in the office make sure you're not stuck in the same position for a long time. Keep switching or find an alternate sitting method. Walking in between also relaxes the body.
  • Rest on a firm surface, sleeping on the sides in a fetal position is essential. It relieves the pressure on the spine.
  • Do not lift heavy objects. If it is necessary then drag it a few distances and take breaks.

These are curated habits anyone can develop to prevent lower back pain issues. If you can apply it in your daily routine, you will lower the chances of falling into difficulty.