How To Take Care Of A Newborn: Ultimate BabyCare Guide

How to care a baby

Your newborn finally knocked on the door with a sweet gesture, an alluring smile, and sweet sloping moves to make you fascinated. Parents should positively approach great care to nurture their babies after birth. Most parents are unaware with a lot of consideration if they’re going to have the first baby.

If it is a repetition, still you need to take great care and provide a secure and safe environment for your newborn baby. The body parts of a newborn baby are quite different from ours, which has turned almost rough. Babies need gentle care, a motherly safeguard, and father protection, which can only be given at home.

Most of the young parents with the luck to have a newborn in the United States have discovered difficulties to take care of the newborn. Unlike teens and adults, a newborn has sensitive and soft skin that demands gentle and motherly care.

How To Take Care Of A Newborn: Step-By-Step-Guide

A newborn baby is not just small in size and shape, their body has distinct features from adults, which seeks an ultimate care guide. This blog is going to help you take good care of your newborn more passionately.

How to take care of a baby

You may not be fully aware of a newborn's essential care, thus we are producing this blog carefully that will help you to take care of your baby comfortably.


Your newborn face is critical and needs your attention to take care of it more carefully. You may grab a cotton washcloth, and toddler soap, and use lukewarm water to wash your baby's neck and face. Your baby's face is very natural and sensitive, you should act wisely to take care of it.


You must be wondering how to take care of those babies’ mesmerizing eyes. Developing difficulty not touching sensitive parts is a common issue for parents but all the body parts need special care for your newborn. Take some lukewarm water and use cotton moist to clean the eyes of your baby.

It is found that several babies have yellow substance discharge from their eyes in the early time, which sometimes leads to eye duct. That is why it is essential to care for your baby’s eyes carefully.


Baby’s scalp needs gentle care. You can use a gentle baby soap available in the market and shampoo it 3 times a week. Brushing the scalp is necessary because the baby’s scalp may develop a cradle cap condition. Regular use of shampoo and brushing the scalp may disappear this issue.

How to take care of a newborn baby

Nose & Nostrils Cleansing

Mucus may fill into the babies’ nasal, which seeks proper care. Blowing is one way to do that and unclogging the nostril using a gentle nasal syringe can be helpful. A nasal spray after consultation with pedestrians can be of great help.

Nails Protection

Although the baby nails look soft and small sometimes, they can harm their skin by scratching it unknowingly. Trimming the baby's nails is a good practice to keep them hygienic because your baby is not aware of the danger. A nail clipper can be used after a bath or cleaning and trimming the nails while the baby is sleeping.

Skin Care

You can bathe your newborn after the first 24 hours and that is also just all about cleansing his skin and the body. Later, you can bathe 3 times a week with lukewarm water and use a mild soft soap. Don't bathe for more than 8 to 10 minutes, and don’t sink in the water.

Apply and rub baby lotion gently all over the body. Some kids may develop itchy skin but since they cannot tell you, they often end up scratching all day long. Such scratching in the body with the nails can lead to serious injuries as the skin of the baby is soft and sensitive.

Cleaning The Bottom

Cleaning the bottom with a clean and soft wipe will keep your baby away from bacteria and other infections since the immunity of the kids isn’t developed at this stage of life. Changing diapers frequently is also a good practice to keep your toddler hygienic.

Rashing often grows up when the baby isn’t given proper care. Baby skin is sensitive enough that it can easily be affected by skin diseases easily and later it can be painful. Cleaning the bottom frequently is a good habit that keeps your baby safe and sound. Cleansing also avoids unwanted infections to make a home.

How to care a newborn baby

Genital Cleaning

The genital parts of a baby need regular care. You should wash your baby’s genital organs using lukewarm water. Take it easy, if the testicles of your baby boy look large, sometimes it happens due to maternal hormones inherited by his mom.

It disappears soon 2-3 weeks after. If your baby girl has swollen vulva, it has the same reason and consideration. A little bloody discharge can be witnessed in the vulva, but it might have the same reason as above and it fixed itself in a few weeks.

Feet Care

The feet of the newborn get straightened anytime but not before 6 to 18 months. This remains the similar position of a baby as they were in the mother's womb. Baby oil and lotion rubbing on their legs helps the feet grow strong and firm with the bones inside.

To Conclude

The arrival of a newborn brings delight and happiness to each face of the family but it comes with loads of responsibilities too. A newborn is sensitive and seeks great care as it is the first time they’re introduced to the world.

It is not easy for a small baby to get away from several bacterial and other infections. Cleansing is the only way to satisfy yourself for your baby's care. All your baby can do is give you blessings with his smile and may demand your parental care which is essential at this stage.

FAQ: How To Care For A Baby

1. What is the best time to bath our newborn?

Ans: Any time after 24 hours, your baby requires gentle cleansing through lukewarm water gently rubbing and cleansing the entire body.

2. Should we avoid cleansing the baby’s eyes?

Ans: Although, the eyes are quite a sensitive part of the body but still need serious care. Tear ducts are a common issue for newborns, which correct itself with little care. Cotton moist and lukewarm water can be used for eye cleansing.