4 Rejuvenating Methods Improve Slacker Boob

How To Fix A Slacker Boob

If you are in the nursing stage to breastfeed your little one, slacker's boob may become one of the hazardous situations when you are not able to properly deliver sufficient breast milk to your newborn. I know it's frustrating, and sometimes may cause you severe difficulties, if it is not considered to be treated well.

The uneven breast milk supply is quite common in today's scenario and many ladies in the developed countries have discovered it often. There could be several reasons behind that like unhealthy food consumption, recent past surgery, an operation, or uncommon health issues. To overcome this challenging situation would not be a cup of tea but if you follow up on our guide, it will surely help you fix the slacker boob issues.

Is It Common To Have Slacker Boobs?

An uneven milk supply is not a rare problem, it is often introduced to nursing ladies who are under-breastfeeding their kids. Well, this problem doesn't come with any symptoms or clues, it can be discovered only upon happening.

Breast anatomy could be one reason for that but in most cases, food habits and recent surgery cases can be another significance for this occurrence. Breastfeeding is a normal process for any lady and a slacker boob is a case, when one breast may have an uneven breast milk supply from the one breast while the other breast is finely tuned.

A low milk supply to a nursing female already sounds like a nervous situation, because the mother may not be able to supply the demanded amount of breast milk, which means seeking an alternative option that does not suit your little one.

Causes For Uneven Milk Supply During Breastfeeding

As we have outlined above the reasons which may lead to uneven milk supply to a slacker boob. Let's discuss what are the primitive causes, which help control this issue to develop. An advanced consideration helps you avoid such situations to arise. Let's dive in one by one.

Anatomical & Symmetry Differences

Women's breasts are unique parts of the body and women can't have the same amount of breast milk flow. An uneven breast size, uneven milk supply, and uneven glandular tissues cannot be avoided at any stage, as it arrives naturally. Yet, this is the major significant cause of the uneven milk supply of slacker boobs.

Nursing Side

Babies seek mothers whenever they feel hungry, and in the case of slacker boobs, babies may develop a habit to start finding breast milk. If they only feed the breast milk that has a higher amount of flow, then the slacker boob may tend to lack and stop the flow of milk if bad practice is continued. Consulting with your pediatrician could be one way to perceive the right method to overcome such a frustrating situation, though.

Breast Injury/Surgery

Many females discover slacker boobs due to their past surgery or because they injured their breasts accidentally. Although you may not take care of it for a prolonged period, it is necessary to discuss it with your gyno at the time of delivery of your baby. Any medical treatment performed recently could also develop a slacker boob issue in females.

Forceful Letdown

A forceful letdown of milk is also an obvious reason for the uneven milk supply from a slacker boob. It is common in developed countries to not breastfeed your newborn, as the ladies are sincere with their breast care, which is helpful for them to keep healthy breasts. Pumping may not be able to deliver the right solution, though, and often turns into bad consequences.

How To Improve Milk Supply To A Slacker Boob?

Not to say that your hungry kid will seek breast milk rapidly right after the birth and you have to feed them breastmilk quite often. If you follow certain rules and guidelines, we have put down below, it will help you overcome this situation.

Nursing The Baby From Slacker Boob First

Sounds Perfect!

Slacker boob does not produce enough milk but yes it has a good production at the beginning. If you introduce your little one to the slacker's breast at first, they will be hungry and start sucking the slacker's breast to bring out the maximum milk it contains.

Once it turns empty, you may introduce your baby to the other breast, which has a great flow of milk. If you follow this practice to introduce slacker breasts first consistently, improvement can be seen in good time.

Pumping Slacker Boob

It is artificial but it is a working method recommended by top health professionals. Pumping the slacker breast before you go breastfeeding and reserve the milk for potential usage for your kids. Pumping the breasts from the slacker boob helps bring out enough milk from the breast that lacks milk is a good approach to bring the flow of milk from an uneven milk supply.

Power Pump Slacker Boobs

If you don't find the above method working, you can try practicing this alternative, which is surely going to help you out with the slacker boob issue. How to do that?

After identifying your slack boob, fix the uneven supply from the slacker boob with the following method.

  • Pump the slacker boob for 20 minutes, then rest.
  • Pump the slacker breast for the next 10 minutes, then rest.
  • Pump the slacker breast for the next 10 minutes, stop.

Besides, power pumping is a methodology or an alternative to normal pumping in which the slacker's breast starts producing enough pints of milk, and pressure is brought to the breast muscles which get activated quickly to direct breastfeeding after the fix.

Use Heat For Greater Milk Production

Heating methods can be utilized to increase the flow of milk from the slacker boob. If heat is triggered well to the slacker's boobs, then its muscles get activated and start to linger the milk flow tendency and improve if practiced well. Remember the thumb rules, the emptier your breasts are, rapidly they will restock the milk using the glandular muscles. Heat generates a firm circulation to the breast that enhances the milk supply in general.

Author's Notes,

It should be taken into consideration wisely upon the first notion, but ensure yourself, that this is a common issue among breastfeeding females, which can be overcome if an action is taken. The slacker boobs problem can be resolved if the above methods are properly followed and give tremendous results quickly.