21 Days Anti Inflammatory Diet Meal Plan: Eat & Avoid

21 Days Anti Inflammatory Diet Meal Plan Eat & Avoid

This may go to an endless battle of quitting an unhealthy diet plan and following a healthy routine the next day, which has nothing to do with reality. Realizing this fact, we've put our editorial team to gather and collect raw data from various sources, and thus, curate this blog, 21 days anti-inflammatory diet meal plan that can help you shape your butts naturally.

Inflammation is generally a response from the immune system that indicates a clear warning signal. Thus, this curate helps guide the 21 days gastritis diet plan also referred to as 21 days anti inflammatory diet meal plan eliminates the unhealthy fat cells and our healthy diet plan helps you develop more healthy fats in the body.

21 Days Anti Inflammatory Diet Plan Goal

Healthy fats' primary goal is to sustain the stored fat and burn it into calories for the body's workout consumption. Our tailor-made meal plan solution helps you consume more healthy fats, which have absolute strength to dilute the fat cells to the energy and you get back your beautiful body shape.

What Causes the Inflammation?

Inflammation in the body is an early signal of the infection, which is acknowledged to the body through the immune system. It tells the body to heal any sort of injury or infection. The body triggers the system to manage the repairing of the tissues and cells that get injured through the infection.

Inflammation May Look Like

There are not many symptoms that can be discussed, however, indigestion and stomach ache are comprehended. A few significant signs are as below:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Bruise
  • Redness Of the Skin

So, what are the ways to avoid it, and how effectively can we heal from the inflammation condition? Well, the above are the 4 signs and symptoms of this disease and let's concentrate on the foods that you need to evolve in your regular food habits.

So, what are the steps to take to heal from the inflammation? Let's discuss this in the next section about the meals you should consider.

Green, Red, Yellow Rule

Including leafy green veggies and fruits in your diet would add grace and healthy components helpful in regulating the blood cells through a healthy diet. It also helps eliminate the consumption of oily and junk foods, which have higher risks of developing severe diseases.

It helps protect cells and radicals and is potentially beneficial to maintaining our body. Basically, it is the cutting off the consumption of the fat in the body.

Vitamin-C Rich Foods

Vitamin C means a high level of foods that contain antioxidant properties in abundance. Eating these foods can change things easily, and you feel less suffering while enjoying your Vitamin-C meals.

These foods help reduce the reactive proteins in the body, which are highly responsible for collecting and storing fat cells in the body. Such proteins are produced by the liver itself, and research conducted on inflammation has shown proven results.

The 21-Days Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Plan A diet plan is presented below, to reduce the long-term inflammation experienced by you in just 21 days. The diet plan comprises all the inflammation-reducing elements described earlier, in adequate proportions. Significant results are very much expected if the diet is followed correctly. Follow this weekly diet for three weeks, that is 21 days.

Go Eat Healthy Fats

As explained above in this article, healthy fat is the major source of reducing the fat cells in the body. Healthy fats are the killer or body agents that help transform the fat cells into the protein that helps perform daily tasks. Healthy fats are quite common these days.

You might stumble by one of the packed foods if you have been recently to the nearest supermarket. Salmon fish, fatty fish, olive oil, coconut oil, and nuts are to name a few.

Whole Grains

Whole foods are often symbolized as whole grains. It has great significance to your meal plan as it helps you with nutrition-based food which delivers dietary fiber, protein, carbs, and multiple vitamins. Oatmeal, cereals, whole grains, and quinoa could be a few examples to be given.

Our 21 Days Anti Inflammatory Diet Meal Plan

Our Curated diet plan is crafted by our editorial team with consistent help from dietitians and health industry professionals. Our diet plan includes a high level of inflammatory-reducing elements, as explained several times before in this blog. Let's find the 21 days high inflammatory hip fat-reducing meal plan with delicious recipes.

21 days Diet Plan Day #1


Combine a serving plate with spinach and tomatoes and add the flavor of scrambled egg whites. Side serve with berries and make a whole-wheat toast.

For Lunch

Take some chickpeas, mix them with Quinoa, and add some sliced cucumber and boiled broccoli. Sprinkle some olive oil spray and scatter lemon juice. Mix it well and serve.


Go get your favorite Salmon and gently rub some lemon juice, then bake it and serve it with steamed broccoli and cooked brown rice.

21 days Diet Plan Day #2


Mix honey with yogurt and a few cracked nuts. Spread some fresh berries before serving.

For Lunch

Make a salad with kale, carrots, and spinach. Make a side with grilled chicken. Add some spinach and cilantro leaves as a dressing.


Make a favorite turkey dish and serve with boiled veggies of your choice.

21 days Diet Plan Day #3


Sliced some fresh bananas and topped them with oatmeal. Use some fresh cinnamon on the dish.

For lunch

Make a tofu roll using whole-wheat flour and your favorite finely chopped and cooked veggies.


Use some shrimp to grill with finely cooked sweet potatoes for a generous taste.

21 days Diet Plan Day #4


Make a tasty smoothie and enjoy it with chopped bananas, fat-free milk, and a scoop of your favorite fat-free ice cream.

For lunch

Prepare a lemon tahini dressing to serve yourself a salad mixed with beans and red onions.


Stir-fry some Quinoa with chopped spinach and side serve with baked chicken breasts.

21 days Diet Plan Day #5


Use some Tofu, onions, and peppers to make a scrambled dish on your plate.

For lunch

Prepare a salad using black beans and chopped avocados, put some dressings with parsley.


Make a baked cod by using tomatoes, boiled broccoli, olive salsa, and brown rice.

21 days Diet Plan Day #6


Make a delicious pudding using chia seeds and top it with fresh berries and nuts.

For lunch

Make a turkey wrap with whole-grain wheat. Cook a tortilla for the number of wraps you're after. Put mixed green veggie salads as a side.


Bring your favorite veggies, grill them, and serve them with tasty chickpea curry.

21 days Diet Plan Day #7


Use some healthy cottage cheese with chunks of pineapples and pour a little honey with this dish.

For Lunch

Make a salad dressing with vinegar and serve with your favorite boiled veggies.


Bake some tofu and serve with steamed broccoli and garnish it using lemon juice.