Guaranteed Diet Plan For Weight Gain In 7 Days

Weight Gain Diet Plan In 7 Days

Being slim is good but being thin is a curse! People often lose weight all of a sudden due to many factors. If anyone carefully follows a 7 days weight gain diet, gaining weight could be an easy process. Our expert team of editors put forward several discussions and research and after that, we've developed this tailored-made solution for people seeking weight gain.

People lose weight for several reasons and they can get their weight back again as normal. A curated diet plan recommended by an expert dietician, exercising habits, drinking enough water, and consuming healthy fats can help weight gain in just 7 days.

Guaranteed Tips To Gain Weight In Just 7 Days

Gaining weight may sound easy but in reality, it is all about eating more, increasing your appetite, and consuming more calories and fat. With a diet plan, you'll have fewer chances to suffer from unhealthy foods, and our curated plan makes you feel sophisticated while practicing. Let's have a glance at our easy tips.

Fixed 3-Hours Eating

I know it sounds weird but consuming calories is important when you're after gaining weight in your body. The simple mathematics is the calories you need for your daily workouts and the extra calories, which remain converted into muscles and fat, resulting in weight gain quickly.

If you maintain the burning calories by absorbing enough calories, it becomes a natural process for weight gain unless you're not suffering from thyroid or any other physical issues, which reduces the chances of weight gain. If you look at our diet plan in the below section, you will be glad to understand that we can make you able to eat after every 3 hours with yummy dishes.

Eat Protein-Rich Diet

To control the flow of amino acids in your blood cells, it is important to consume more protein-based foods. Consuming more protein will effectively work on your muscle gain and recover you from weight loss. The best sources of healthy proteins are meats, fish, eggs, cheese, and yogurt. The below-curated snacks diet also has plenty of protein-based diets, which help you gain weight and improve muscle loss.

Eat Healthy Fats

Some of the healthy fats-based products are easy to find and consuming them will help you gain weight fast. Healthy fats work like a charm for the entire body, they heal the muscles, repair them whenever necessary, and help gain weight.

Consuming foods like peanuts, avocados, olive oil, chia seeds, fennel seeds, cheese, and coconuts help the body gain weight faster. Peanut butter is one of the healthy fats that you may consider to improve your weight.


Exercising is a good habit. It not only helps you gain weight but also stimulates the blood cells and keeps the flow of energy in the body. You need to ensure yourself that extra consumed calories shouldn't transform into fat and should be stuck for muscle development. Therefore, weight gain could be an easy process if exercising is followed precisely. Strengthening exercises and aerobics can help you gain weight quickly in 7 days.

Eat Lots of Fruits

Fruits can be consumed with smoothies or as juice, we knowingly add fruits to our diet plan just to cover your body with important nutrients. Since our diet plan is focused on gaining weight, you need to perform daily tasks and keep the body healthy.

Thus, consuming lots of fruits is recommended because it can help provide the required minerals and vitamins to the body. Although it may sound excluded from the diet plan you need to focus on consuming plenty of fruits every day.

Drink Water

Most people have developed a misconception that drinking water has nothing to do in order to gain weight in 7 days. But unfortunately, this is one of the most important factors. Drinking plenty of water helps gain muscles and is essential for mass gain in the body.

Increment in the muscle cells is only possible when there is transport to a sufficient supply of water to the body. It helps increase the cell volume in the body. However, please correct yourself here that consuming lots of juice will not be considered as consumption of water intake. Sodas, beverages, and artificial drinks have nothing to do with the water. For better digestion, drinking water is recommended 1 hour prior to every meal.

Guaranteed Weight Gain Diet Plan In 7 Days

Below is an example of a healthy 3-day diet plan, which can be continued unless you discover the changes. Our dietician-based weight gain plan in 7 days has helped many and, therefore, we've decided to make it available to the state people.

Day 1


One cup of full-fat milk with boiled egg white sprinkled with grated cheese. Served alongside chopped lettuce, spinach, and an apple.

Snacks For The Morning

Take a handful of almonds and nuts and enjoy it with 6 pieces of whole wheat biscuits flavored with peanut butter.

Dinner & Lunch

Chicken breasts with rice and salads of your choice. Season it with cilantro leaves and grated cheese. 1 fruit to eat is a must and its orange.

Noon Snacks

One tapioca with baked chicken grated cheese as toppings.

Day 2


One cup of full-fat cream milk with oatmeal and tangerine.

Snacks For The Morning

Take a sandwich with whole wheat flour and serve with boiled egg whites. Eat one banana with your favorite cold coffee.

Dinner & Lunch

Make a salad with tomatoes, salad, lettuce, and tuna, and season it with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

Noon Snacks

Eat granola with full-fat yogurt and 3 pieces of toast and garnish with grated cheese.

Day 3


Use a smoothie and enjoy your breakfast with an omelet and roasted chicken.

Snacks For The Morning

Take a handful of nuts and enjoy it with mixed fruits of your choice.

Dinner & Lunch

Eat meatballs with baby potatoes and baked broccoli with grated cheese as toppings and garnish it with cilantro leaves and olive oil.

Noon Snacks

Use papaya with an avocado smoothie oatmeal and a teaspoon of chia seeds.

Dietician Request

The above diet plan and recommended food and exercising habits can gain you your weight back but you need to motivate yourself because you'll be the real culprit behind the scenes. Follow the rules carefully and make sure you don't miss a thing.

Missing a thing could be anything, a skipped diet, or irregular follow-up on the recommended diet plan. Weight gain can be aggressively processed in just 7 days, but you need to ask yourself one question before you jump into it: Are you up for that?