Learn 7 Major Common Mental Health Disorders In Teens

Mental Disorders In Teens

Teenage is a period when children closely watch the changes that mother nature brings them as physical, mental, and psychological. It is a delicate phase of life when teens have to consider decisions, which has a high reflection on their life. It cannot be overemphasized if the parents cooperatively raise a conversation with the teens to discuss their academic, social, and mental challenges.

Discussing delicate matters is essential at this stage of life, it helps perceive loads of serious facts and figures, which plays a vital role in making adequate decisions on their own. Discussion with parents eliminates the social myths and anything that comes to the teen's mind, that has no comprehension of fact. Below are the 7 mental health disorders in teens during the development phase.

Puberty #1

We're living in the 21st century, and gone are the days when parents feel too shy to discuss puberty with their growing teens. Open discussion about puberty with your teens helps develop a better character for society. Wikipedia explains puberty is a process where children see physical and mental changes in their body that result in development of maturity as an adult.

Since the children are in a development phase, it is necessary to have a conversation, which helps them stand better in society and the public. Help your kids to feel that these changes are normal after reaching a certain age, and they should take it positively as a first sign of adulthood. All the topics should be covered by the parents ensuring the kids shoot some questions due to curiosity.

Education Challenges #2

Once the children turn into teenagers, they are gradually exposed to lots of new educational burdens. However, they are in the development phase, so they internally develop the ability to deal with such things.

Excellence in academics comes naturally to more teens and gives significant results in this phase of life. Parents can discuss academics with their teens and can help hire a private tutor, who takes good care of the trends in academic syllabus and examinations.

Personal Space #3

Argh...... Check the door! Often felt irritated hearing from your teens. Well, personal space is something that is everyone's requirement, but it doesn't mean you're going to put your teens into isolation. But little privacy is essential for everyone's life.

Teenage is the period when your kids start exploring the world, thus they might like to write something down from their personal experiences, interesting facts and cravings in their mind. Learn from your teens that personal freedom comes with personal responsibilities, thus they will realize the fact and behave and act nicely.

Sex #4

One of the most prevalent topics to discuss with your teens in the modern world is sex. It is everywhere in conversation, music, movies, books, and philosophy that we discuss, sex comes accidentally everywhere. No parents would like to see their kids sexually active in their teenage years, which doesn't only spoil their mental ability but also reflects social changes.

When you've decided to raise this topic to discuss with your teenage boy/girl. It is important to remember during the process, to make it easier for your teen to help develop strongly with an acquaintance to all topics. You can also discuss with your teens about chastity and persuade them to be confident when you're a virgin. Help them learn the benefits of being a virgin, and they are more likely to strengthen their mental capability.

Dating #5

It never can be overemphasized to have a discussion with your kids about their dating usuals. The digital world is moving rapidly with its pace so the odd things are now okay to discuss with your kids. Who knows if they're having bad experiences or trouble in their new relationships? Qualities like looking good and trying to look younger are acceptable at this age.

Discussing with your teens helps them develop a beautiful relationship that is healthier and seeks mutual benefits. You can discuss a beautiful romantic relationship and its quality. Help them aware to choose the right person as a partner in a relationship. It helps build them a better person to identify the right person for a perfect match.

Bullying #6

You have raised your child and you are fully aware whether he could be one of the prime suspects in bullying or to be bullied. Knowing this fact, you can guide your teen to step in the right direction, and not get involved or become a victim of such incidents in their schools and colleges. It seeks more attentive counseling if your teen has developed quite a sensitive personality.

Being a responsible parent, you need to investigate yourself if your teen does not have an awkward interest in academics or if he's playing a victim role. Bullying in educational institutions is quite common for teenagers, since this is their development changes, they often gauge with their fellow students. There are various psychological factors behind that but better is to cure.

Addiction #7

Since society has welcomed drinks, and drugs at parties, you cannot keep teenagers aside. Children do what they see, so prefer to have such arrangements in a private space rather than in public. You can also engage your teens to perform some activities, which is practically not possible, or let them be aware of side effects on their skin.

So, having them play and gossip with neighbors and friends is more than enough to put them out of sight. If your teens are discussing the drinks and all, then you can request him to wait for his age to welcome to the party. You may discuss with your kids the side effects and consequences of the addiction that could perplex them for a while being a teenager's imagination, you see!

Helping Notes

Although your teens may act irritating, frustrating, and uncomfortable most of the time. Being a good parent, you have to understand that your teens have developed this habit just because of their physical and mental changes, which they are also not aware of. If you cooperate in a friendly manner with your teens, you can help them during their development phase. Tolerate your teen's annoying behavior and soon you'll turn them into a proud adult.