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A woman's body is more complex than men, due to the accountability of reproduction and menopause, women face more serious health issues. Several women’s healthcare for all women Obgyn has been spread all over the United States. Many factors like the menstrual cycle, childbirth, menopause, and mental health issues have suffered females for a long time.

This article is a dedication to all the wonderful ladies out there, who have given their life or are ready to devote their lifeline to their families and for themselves to help develop a better nation with their contributions. We’ll try to cover most of the topics and make sure we define each age-group women's issues, problems, and solutions.

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Obgyn Checklists For Teens

This is for the age group 13-17, who first-time experience menstrual cycle.

First Obgyn Visit

It needs special care and an obgyn doctor can be her best friend to consult with. The Obgyn can help guide how to stay healthy, what to do next, and other screening, if required. Teenagers do not need a pelvic exam or many other tests, which the obgyn can define well at the time of the meeting.

Contraceptive Counseling

Regardless of whether a teenager is sexually active or not, it is a good idea to take care of your body. Once you start loving your body, you start developing a healthy lifestyle, which generally helps you stand better in your surroundings. It is good to protect your body with safer contraception and make sure you’re having a hygienic body.

Sexual Orientation

Bisexuality is no more offensive these days, you can accept yourself as you’re. It is quite frustrating sometimes and may bring you into difficult indecisive situations. If you’re gay or lesbian accept it as you’re because these challenges start from the teenager, you’ve to face them, anyway.

An obgyn understands you better because they’ve already understood your real emotions, there’s no shame in facing an obgyn.

HPV Vaccine Protection

Cancer cells may develop during the teenage, which is why the HPV vaccine is mandatory in the United States. Any teenager may look for their nearest healthcare center or a black gynecologist near me. The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) has made it mandatory to take the HPV vaccine at the age of 11 and 12.

Blood Pressure Screening

It is advised to follow the assessment for sugar, blood pressure, obesity, and other health issues. It is advisable to start a healthy conversation with your obgyn doctor if the teenager is very mindful. Talk to your doctor as a friend or a person who has higher wisdom for your health and body concerns.

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Obgyn Checklists For Women Aged 20-30

This is for the age group of 20-30, who have entered a young age.

Primary Care

This is the age when women need serious care as any misleading treatment can cause serious interpretation. It is advised to visit your nearest primary care once a year and get your health examination from an obgyn doctor.

An obgyn will go through your history, parental disease records, any hierarchy of illness, or developing cancer cells, which can be diagnosed in the early stage.

PAP Test And Pelvic Examination

If you’re going for HPV and cervical cancer, a pap test is compulsory during the screening and tests from an obgyn doctor. Pap testing and cervical cancer tests are conducted every year in healthcare centers in the United States.

Many health organizations and healthcare centers want to ensure that every woman gets the best possible healthcare and enjoys the maximum benefits from healthcare services.

Breasts Examination

The Breast examination started at the age of 19. This is a test to check the size and shape, and it has regular growth. Also, healthcare centers offer checkups for any lumps or cysts, and if found they are best to diagnose in the early stage. Cancer cell development is another important factor, which generally has seen growth in women in their 30s.

Reproductive Health

Reproduction health counseling was conducted during the obgyn visit. It consists of several discussions like contraception, family planning, and reproductive health, which is the most important part for women.

If a woman has passed through pregnancy, then it is essential to the screening tests because if a woman is diabetic during the pregnancy, it increases the chance of heart stroke.

BP Tests

Heart issues are one of the most striking causes of death in the United States. Tests conducted for thyroid, blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, or obesity, provide the idea of the overall health of a woman.

Obgyn Checklists For Women Aged 40-50

This is for the age group of 40-50, who have turned into adolescents.

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Primary Care Visit

Primary care is the first step at the age of 40s and 50s. Routine tests for blood examination, blood pressure, lipid screening, sugar, and cholesterol are necessary at least once a year. If there is an issue, rush to your nearest healthcare center for a consultation with Obgyn.

Pap tests And Screening

Pelvic examination and pap tests must be conducted every year, cervical cancer tests must be conducted every 3 years, and HPV screening must be conducted every 5 years for ladies in the age group of 30s and 40s.

Screening For Cancer

There’s no particular age for developing breast cancer cells. Breast cancer may arise due to several factors, among few or quite threatening, which might be inherited from maternal or paternal ancestors.

It comes from heredity naturally. Most women's bodies are accessed to cancer cells at the age of 45. Since the risk of breast cancer is high at this age, women start taking consultancy and obgyn for women’s screening after the age of 40s.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) suggests lung cancer testing for adults at the age of 55 and above. Generally, these tests are recommended for people who smoke for a longer period.

Obgyn Checklists For Women Aged 60 & Above

This is for the age group of 60 and above ladies, who have turned into old age. However, old age is not very safe compared to the other age groups of females because it causes several health issues now and then. The older the lady gets, they need to nourish like a small baby.

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Pap Tests & Pelvic Examination

Both tests are not recommended after the age of 65 based on the bulletin guidelines. This doesn’t come into routine tests for women after they cross the age. However, decisions can be made by the patient and the healthcare professional mutually.

Osteoporosis Screening

Bone Mineral Density (BMD) often gets low in older age for women as they’re more active. Women over 65 develop a risk of having osteoporosis from various factors like smoking, alcoholism, arthritis, etc.

Cardiology Screening

Cardiologist screening becomes essential for African American ladies especially when they have high blood pressure or any heart difficulties during pregnancy in the past. Family history or siblings with the same diseases may be inherited naturally.

Last Few Words,

Women are more into action than men. From nurturing to taking care of the family with a job on the other side, they lead a difficult life. Women face a lot of health issues due to changes in their bodies and hormones. From early teenage to old age, their body needs serious care and nursing.

Women in the United States suffer more from health diseases than in any developed country. Cancer and heart stroke become one of the major reasons for deaths in the US. An Obgyn doctor can help women maintain their physical care, health difficulties, and severe major threats in the early time, which can be easily diagnosed to give all the wonderful women a healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When generally a woman first sees an obgyn?

Ans: Teenage girls must have their visit to an Obgyn by the age of 13 to 15, or the first time when they discover physical changes.

2. What is the specialization an obgyn can take care of?

Ans: An obgyn is a specialized doctor who takes care of pregnancy, health issues, surgical procedures, screening, testing, and special care for the reproductive system.

3. How is an obgyn different from a gynecologist and obstetrics?

Ans: A gynecologist takes care of the childbirth, and reproduction system while an obstetrician takes care of surgeries, immediate childbirth, and vaginal care. An obgyn does both.